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There are 33 steps in the process of creating the fish for the Safety in Numbers body of work. After the fish are cut, they are shaped multiple times to provide dimension before painting. Various heights of posts from three quarters of an inch to three inches are then attached to the bottom of  the individual fish.  The video provides an overview of the process from start to finish and demonstrates how Shaw engages and connects with you to indulge your creativity in the process!

I was at Bellevue and stopped by your booth to talk with you and look at your remarkable art. I just felt the urge to email you and tell you how very entranced I was with your fish. The originality of your idea is wonderful to start with, but the execution of the concept is just stunning. I love the ways you have designed, constructed and colored the fish; all those steps certainly have resulted in truly beautiful sculptures.

  Time is always a problem when one is trying to see everything, and this year I knew I had only a part of one day, so I was moving pretty quickly. I did pick up some literature of your to take home and look at more closely later. Now I wish I had spent a great deal more time taking in the whole experience. I felt as though I were back in Monterrey Aquarium in California, a favorite place of mine. I hope you have seen it, or will be able to some day, as they have fish schooling in an overhead round tank on one of the levels. Perhaps their website shows this.

  In any case, my thoughts have been returning to you and your work all this week, so I just want to say thank you for coming to Bellevue, and do keep uyp your remarkable work.

Sincerely,   Sallie Shippen