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Shaw’s new works consists mainly of the schooling fish concept, from which he continues to derive great pleasure. Realistic and contemporary stylized Koi have been added to the collection.  “There is still so much more to explore with the concept. As long as I enjoy developing the “fish” and discovering new ways of presenting them, I will continue with the Safety in Numbers series. These unique works are being sought after and collected internationally.

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  • Silver Fish with Black Diagonal Stripe, 11.5" fish, 18x48" plate

  • Ursula's Dot, 9.5" fish 16"x60" plate

  • Gold Alligator Fabric, two sizes of fish 9.5"/11.5", 24"x36" plate

  • Tie Dye with Green Tail Fabric, 11.5" fish, 24"x36" plate

  • Painted Squid Fish, Black and Red Dots, 11.5" fish, 18"x 48" plate

  • Rainbow Silk, 18" fish, 16"x48" plate

  • Purple Sunset Fabric, Overall size: 18"x72" Composed of two plates 18"x36" each end-to end, 11.5" fish

  • Turquoise Dots/Red Fabric, Two sizes of fish 9.5"/11.5", 16"x60" plate

  • Four Patterns Black & White Fabric with Red Tail, 36" 36" plate

  • Colored Reeds, 11.5" fish, 16"x48" plate

  • Red Painted Fish with Dots, fish 11.5", 16"x48" plate

  • Marble Wood with Turquoise Stone Eyes, 11.5" fish, 18"x48" plate.

  • Four Fabrics in Blues and Purples, 11.5" fish, 16"x48" plate

  • Blue Fantail Fish, fat fish 11.5", 10"x48" plate.

  • Anchovies, Painted Silver with Red Dots, 12" fish, 18"x48" plate

  • Three Patterns, Gold, Red and Green, Two sizes fat fish 9.5"/11.5", 24"x48" plate

  • Silver fish in home setting. Plates can be hung inside or outside in patio setting.

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