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Shaw’s Safety in Numbers series, inspired by the BBC Blue Planet production,  reproduces the natural occurrence of schooling fish chased to the sea’s surface in dimensional, sculptural art. Interactive, the art also let’s you indulge your own creativity. Magnets on the bottom of the posts, allow you to move the “fish” around the surface to create your unique configurations and designs. Fish can be placed on any size plate and the plates can be hung horizontal or vertical.

  • Colored Reed, 15.5" fish, 16"x60" plate

  • Red Fabric with Black Dots on Tail, 11.5" fish, 36"x24" plate 0617

  • Koi on Black Plate, 0676

  • Silk Rainbow on Black Plate, 15.5 " fish, 18"x48" plate 1071

  • Yellow Painted Fish on Black Plate, 1077

  • Silver Painted Squid Fish on Black Plate, 1078

  • rainbow Alligator Fabric, two sizes fat fish, 48" Round Plate, 1079

  • Painted Flying Fish on Black Plate, 0188

  • Blue Marble Fabric Fish with Black Tails, 1093

  • Yellow Fiesta, Little Fat Fish, 18"x72" plate

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